Simulation in Anaesthesia/Critical Care for Liver Transplantation (SALT) Workshop

Pre-symposium Workshop

Simulation in Anaesthesia/Critical Care for Liver Transplantation (SALT) Workshop

An interactive half-day simulation-based course designed to cover pertinent essentials of perioperative liver transplant Anaesthesia and Critical Care

This workshop is designed for anaesthesia and critical care specialists, trainees, nurses and assistants who are embarking on the exciting journey of liver transplantation.

General principles apply when providing anaesthesia and critical care for liver transplant recipient patients although there are several unique considerations as a result of the underlying disease process and complications. Working in a liver transplant operating theatre and/or intensive care setting can also be potentially stressful. Teamwork skillsets such as leadership, effective communication and resource utilization are very useful and important.

The specific areas of focus include:

  1. Pre-operative evaluation of the liver transplant candidate
  2. Conduct of anaesthesia for the liver transplant recipient, including management of potential critical events
  3. Advanced haemodynamics monitoring and management
  4. Perioperative coagulation monitoring and management
Simulation in Anaesthesia/Critical Care for Liver Transplantation (SALT) Workshop
Date Thursday, 21 September 2023
Time 1.00pm to 5.30pm
Venue Centre for Healthcare Simulation (CHS) Level 3 “Operating Theatre”
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
14 Medical Drive
Block MD6, #03-01
Singapore 117599
Features of Workshop
  • Mock-up of the liver transplant operating room including standard anaesthesia monitoring equipment such point-of-care testing for coagulation management
  • Hands-on experience with haemodynamic and coagulation management of liver transplant recipients with simulated clinical scenarios
Who should attend?
  • Senior Anaesthesia/Critical Care Residents and Clinical Fellows with an interest in liver transplant anaesthesia and critical care
  • Junior Consultant Anaesthetists and/or Intensivists with above interest
  • Anaesthetic nurses or assistants working in a liver transplant operating theatre or Intensive Care Unit

The programme will be shared in due course.

Registration Cost

Registration Type Per Ticket Cost (excluding GST)
  Early Bird* Standard Rate
Individual In groups of 5 and above
Simulation in Anaesthesia for Liver Transplantation (SALT) Workshop $200.00 $300.00 $150.00
*Early bird rates end on 9 September 2022, Friday
**Registration fees are non-refundable


Time Session
1.00pm to 1.10pm Welcome and Orientation
A/Prof Terry Pan
Venue: LT 36
1.10pm to 1.45pm Introduction to Liver Transplant Anaesthesia
Dr Rohit Agrawal & Dr Tan Pei Shan
Venue: LT 36
Dr Tan Yi Wei & Dr Mahiman Bhagya
Venue: HDU
A/Prof Terry Pan, A/Prof Noorjahan Haneem & ANC Mary Rose Calderon
Venue: OT
Dr Rohit Agrawal & Dr Tan Pei Shan
Venue: ICU
1.45pm to 2.45pm Group A Group B Group C
2.45pm to 3.00pm Tea break
3.00pm to 4.00pm Group C Group A Group B
4.00pm to 5.00pm Group B Group C Group A
5.00pm Closing Remarks
Dr Rohit Agrawal
Venue: LT 36

*The programme may be revised without prior notice.